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    Part of creating a strong character in many of these anime simulation games in Roblox is finding Haki; a special ability that allows players to dodge. In Haze Piece, there are two forms of Haki: Buso and Observation. They also each have two levels, so players should definitely know beforehand where each NPC is.

    Haki NPC Locations in Haze Piece – Roblox

    Each version of Haki has its own NPC in Haze Piece. The way players get Haki is by going to that location, and if they have enough money and are at the right level, they will get the Haki. Here is the location of each NPC and what they are looking for:

    • Observation haki Level 1: It is located in the Marine Base, within the town. Players must be at least level 600 and give $150k.
    • Observation haki Level 2: Found on Bubble Island, in front of a sphere-roofed cabin (near where the Pirate Bandits are waiting). Players must be at least level 1500 and give $200k.
    • buso haki Level 1: Given by Old Man Silver, who is in front of a building overlooking Logue City. Players must be at least level 350 and give $100k.
    • buso haki Level 2: Found on Revolutionary Island inside a gray rectangular building. Players must be at least level 1500 and give $250k.

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    What does each form of Haki do in Haze Piece – Roblox?

    Observation Haki allows the player to dodge incoming attacks, but players only get three dodges at Level 1. Observation Haki Level 2 gives players 5 dodges. Buso Haki allows players to hit those who have eaten Logia Fruit, which are special types of fruits that make them immune to certain enemies. Level 1 Buso Haki also increases sword damage by 5%, while level 2 increases sword damage by 7.5%.

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