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    When it comes to anime, my favorite has to be One Piece, so I was beyond thrilled when Anime Fighting Simulator X added Devil Fruit. This Roblox title lets me gain some of my favorite One Piece powers, but the problem is actually getting my hands on a Devil Fruit. If you are looking to get a Devil Fruit power, I can help you find these powerful items.

    How to find Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X

    At the time of writing, there are two ways to get a Devil Fruit in Anime Fighting Simulator X. You can use Robux to purchase a Devil Fruit or find one while exploring. The latter option is free, but you are at the mercy of random spawns. Buying a Devil Fruit will remove having to track one down, but it will cost you 199 Robux and will still be a random fruit.

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    All Devil Fruit in Anime Fighting Simulator X

    There are currently seven Devil Fruit in Anime Fighting Simulator X. More may be added over time, but you are stuck with the ones below for now. You can remove your Devil Fruit powers by speaking to Silver Hair, who can be found behind the gym on the main island’s edge. Here are all Anime Fighting Simulator X Devil Fruit.

    • Chop
    • Flame/Magma
    • Ice
    • Mira
    • Gura (Quake)
    • Gomu (Rubber)
    • Thunder

    Anime Fighting Simulator X Fruit Spawn Time

    There doesn’t seem to be a set schedule for Devil Fruit spawn times in Anime Fighting Simulator X. However, they do appear to spawn approximately every 30 minutes to an hour. This isn’t exact, but it can help you gauge when the next Devil Fruit spawns. You can also purchase a Fruit Tracker to help you get track of spawn times.

    When Devil Fruits appear, they will produce a glow that makes them easier to spot. I recommend making a beeline toward one if you spot a glow in the distance. There are no set spawn locations, meaning Devil Fruit appear randomly. Using a flying mount allows you to cover more ground and spot them from above.

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