How to Get Free Razer-Branded Avatar Items in Roblox


    Image via Razer’s official website

    It’s no secret that free avatar items make Roblox tick, especially those that are rare, exclusive, and nearly impossible to obtain, which is why when the original announcement of the Roblox x Razer collaboration was teased in July 2022 by RBXevents, many players were excited about the possibility. Now, in April 2023, the announcement has been confirmed by Razer itself, and the collaboration has come to life. In April 28, 2023 at 10am CTthree Roblox-themed limited-edition Razer headsets will go on sale, the Razer BlackWidow V3 – Roblox Edition, Razer Orochi V2 – Roblox Editionand Razer Barracuda X – Roblox Editionand three free avatar items will be released along with them.

    How to Unlock Free Razer Branded Avatar Items in Roblox

    Although Razer-themed avatar items are technically “free” to a degree, they require a purchase to unlock them. Each of the real life Roblox x Razer items comes with a unique code upon purchase, and this code is used to unlock a virtual item in Roblox. The price of each item and the avatar accessory that comes with it can be found below.

    • Razer BlackWidow V3 – Roblox Edition
      • Price:
      • Corresponding avatar element:
    • Razer Orochi V2 – Roblox Edition
      • Price:
      • Corresponding avatar element:
    • Razer Barracuda X – Roblox Edition
      • Price:
      • Corresponding avatar element:

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    Is there any other way to unlock the Roblox x Razer avatar items?

    While these items will never be available to unlock or purchase through the Roblox Avatar Store, there is technically a way to get them for free. If someone buys a Roblox x Razer item in real life and doesn’t want its code, or would rather give it to someone who might want it more, there’s a chance codes for virtual Roblox x Razer items will be given away on Twitter.

    However, with that being said, it is important to note that interacting with a user who runs a sweepstakes should will never ask you to provide any personal information—If the giveaway host says they need your Roblox login information to award you the prize, please stay out of the conversation and remove yourself from the giveaway. An honest creator or user who gives away a prize No need any personal information from you!


    That’s it for our guide on how to get free Razer branded avatar items on Roblox. If you’re interested in unlocking these items yourself, be prepared to spend a pretty penny, and make sure you’re on the Razer website a few minutes before launch. Good luck!

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