How to get Flint in Roots of Pacha


    Flint is a very useful resource for Roots of Pacha players. Naturally, many players are eager to find out how to find it. If you want some flint, you will head to the mysterious caverns. Just make sure you come back from the caves before you go to bed or you’ll pass out!

    Where can you find Flint in Roots of Pacha?

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    To find Flint in the Roots of Pacha, you’ll first need to head to the caverns in the far north of the map. To get there, head through the forest. Once there (if you have access to the caves after the main cave quest), find a rock with white specks in that. Open one and a piece of flint will fall out. Pick up the flint and take it with you in your inventory.

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    How to access the Caves in Roots of Pacha

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    The cave entrance won’t immediately lead you to the areas where Flint is embedded in the rocks, but rather a set of luminescent creatures. You will be tasked with breaking various rocks and eventually giving an offering to the great statue in the final cave. Pineapples are one of the easiest gifts you can find to give them. So, play the mini-game where you count the number of creatures you see. Finally, they will give you access to the rest of the caverns.

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