How to Get Fairy Wings in Fae Farm



    While playing Fae Farm as a beginner, there are many details that you may wonder about. Fairy wings are shown on characters in the promo, so can you have some of your own? Yes, and I’ve got the details on how you can do it!

    How do you get Wings in Fae Farm?

    To be able to get ahold of your own set of Fairy Wings in Fae Farm, you’ll need to crank out some of the quests first. Getting your wings comes in a bit later in Chapter Four (after getting rid of the whirlpools in Chapter Three) of gameplay by completing the Raising Expectations quest from Wisp Mother. You’ll need to:

    • Build Lowlands Critter Conservatory on your land
    • Bring (3) Flutter Dusts to Wisp Mother

    After this, she’ll give you your very first pair of fairy wings. They’ll be a pair of orange colored wings that you can equip immediately after you receive them.

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    How to get more Fairy Wings in Fae Farm

    If you want more wings after getting your original pair, you can go back to Wisp Mother’s shop, which is called Azoria’s Treasury. You’ll need more than Florians to get wings, though, so bring required items after checking with her store. Items include flutter dust, peridot, and more. Required items will vary depending on the pair of wings you want.

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