How to get Extraordinary Rendition and its God Roll in Destiny 2


    The Extraordinary Rendition Legendary Minigun is a popular pick in Destiny 2 due to its aggressive build archetype. And with his God Roll, he’s almost unstoppable. But where do you find it? Here’s how to get Extraordinary Performance in Destiny 2 and its recommended God Roll.

    Extraordinary God Roll Delivery in Destiny 2

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    Due to Extraordinary Rendition’s aggressive frame archetype, the SMG has high recoil. This means that when you go for God Roll, you should focus on getting better stability for more accurate shots.

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    Here is the roll god recommended For Extraordinary Delivery in Destiny 2:

    • Barrel: corkscrew fluted—Increases range, stability, and handling speed (Range +5, Stability +5, Handling +5).
    • Magazine: tactical magazine—Increases stability, reload speed and magazine size (stability +5, magazine +10, reload speed +10).
    • Feature #1: overflow—Picking up special ammo or heavy reload Extraordinary Rendition beyond its magazine capacity.
    • Feature #2: Rampage—Kills grant temporary increased damage; stacks three times.

    How to Get Extraordinary Performance in Destiny 2

    After being added in 2021 during Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen, it has become increasingly difficult to get hold of the Extraordinary Rendition minigun. There is currently only one way to obtain the kinetic weapon, and that is through Xur, Agent of the Nine.

    The trader appears during the weekend of each week and rotates his actions each time he appears. This means that the gun has a random chance to appear on their products, and when it does, you only have a few days to purchase it with your Legendary Shards.

    The extraordinary performance was last sale by Xur’s April 7-11, 2023for 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 flashes.

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