How to get exiled by the British Empire & become a Scam artist with BitLife?


    BitLife is an interesting life simulation game for the mobile phone, which has been developed to bring a strong community since the release.

    Through this game you can change the path of a person’s life from beginning to end. This is the best of life that you decide to live in.

    The question of whether or not you choose will be answered. You could even make your character a king.


    To complete a recent BitLife challenge, you must make your characters king or royalty, give them exiled, and then become Scam Artist. We have tips for you to complete the challenge.

    How to complete the challenges of BitLife from all the toes.

    With Riches to Rags, the challenge attracts many BitLife players nowadays.


    You must meet the three requirements to complete the task.

    Becoming a King (aka the Royalty) After 15 years of waiting, in the beginning of the lifecycle, in one of his legs began to be an infancy. Getting Exiled After being exiled, becoming a fraud artist could be impossible. Using a $500K+ earner to be a false ephemer.

    How to become a King/Queen.

    First, to become a king there are three main methods that govern them: one to become a king.

    Use God Mode to pick your royal status if you create a new character (requires real-world money). To make characters at random until you become a prince or princess. Have your first marriage to the royal family. Source

    You must go to the start from where royalty has existed. If your character is born in the United States, you can’t make him/her king/queen.

    -Belgium -Denmark -Japan -Jordan -Kuwait -Malaysia -Monaco -Morocco -Netherlands -Norway -Qatar -Saudi Arabia -Spain -Sweden -Thailand -UAE UK Source

    The status of the prince or princess will allow you to qualify for the throne directly. A lesser royal status like earl and duke must be married to a royal family.

    How to be exiled by BitLife as a King (or a King) from BitLife?

    Once your character attains Queen or King status, you must exile them once they’ve ruled for 15 years. This part of the challenge is the one that is causing the most problems among the players.


    How are you being exiled?

    i keep my respect at 0 and i continue to do public disservice, but a thing’s happening. Source

    No matter how much bad stuff I do, I cannot get exiled. Source

    I would like to remind you that there are countries (like Japan and Saudi Arabia) where you can’t get in exile. This is due to the fact that the monarchy has all its power.

    United Kingdom, Spain, Morocco, The Nordics, Belgium, and Netherlands among countries where exile can be obtained. Now that you are king in one of these last countries, I will look for one to get exiled in BitLife.

    Source (click/tap to expand)

    Relative 5+ people a year, and make 5+ sins a year. In 20 years max, you should be exiled. I used to work in denmark. Source

    Execute people, have children in a bar, have famous activities, etc. Source

    If the tips were not enough, you could try again, like the following:


    You can’t execute. Go to crime and kill mfs. Source

    It gets to the debt. I was kicked out of the building, and paid for the castle and had -$45,000,000. Source

    Do you need to get to the Street Hustler and succeed in all of the challenges?

    To get this done, the two goals of BitLife’s richest to Rags challenge require you to have the Street Hustler Job Pack. This allows you to become fully accustomed to the Street Hustler career.

    Keep in mind that the Street Hustler Job Pack requires a micropayment of 3.99 USD. Thus, the player will not waste at least that expense in the final challenge of Riches to Rags BitLife.

    Featured image: BitLife on Twitter.

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