How to get EUC ‘Knight V’ in Sons of the Forest



    The Knight V resembles an electric unicycle that players can use to travel around the island. It is very fast and can withstand drops without much problem. Landing in a large area of ​​water is highly discouraged, but it is possible to recover with a little effort. It can be found near Maintenance B on the south side of the map. Here is where to find EUC Knight V in Sons of the Forest and how to use it.

    Where to find Knight V in Sons of the Forest

    He EUC Caballero V in Sons of the Forest it will be in the extreme southwest of the map for Maintenance B. This will only appear as a green marker by a flat dirt land with a Cannibal Camp nearby. This is the same location where the Compound Bow and Pistol Silencer can be found if players have the shovel to go underground through the bunker. On the ground, next to a wooden bench, is Knight V.

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    How to use the EUC Knight V in Sons of the Forest

    The Knight V can be placed anywhere by dropping it, but it cannot be saved. You will need to stay outside and be picked up to ride. With Knight V in hand, using left click will cause the player to ride it. From there, it can be driven at high speeds almost anywhere except large bodies of water. Dismounting only requires the player to jump twice, but it is possible to be knocked down by running into trees or walls at any time. Jumping once will allow players to jump off and even from the edges of large cliffs, there is no fall damage while riding.

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