How to Get Easter Eggs Faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley


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    For the Easter event, Eggstravaganza, you can find all kinds of Easter eggs throughout the Valley. These eggs can be used to create fun spring and Easter themed decor for your village or cook up some treats. However, collecting, growing, and finding these eggs can take some time, as they only respawn every hour or so in the Valley. There are a few ways you can earn a little faster so you can start making your spring treats. Continue reading to find out!

    How to Harvest EGG-cellent Fruits Faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    EGG-cellent Fruits are beige eggs that you can find growing in the bushes around the Valley, much like how you might harvest blueberries and raspberries. They can be distributed in different Biomes, and you will probably find one in each Biome. Every time you harvest them, it will give you three eggs. However, once you harvest, you will have to wait for them to regrow. Their regeneration time takes longer than most other fruits, so you’ll want to use the best method to harvest them so you can get the most out of each bush.

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    The best way to harvest your EGG-cellent fruits and increase your collection faster is to find one of your Valley companions who are ready to Harvest. Select the Come on Hang out option, and then head to each bush and harvest the eggs. Especially if the partner has Friendship level 10, you will get extra fruits with each harvest.

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    How to Grow V-EGG-etable Seeds Instantly in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    V-EGG-tables are rare eggs that you can only obtain by planting seeds and growing them in V-EGG-etable plants. You can create the seeds using: Wild Spring Egg x1, egg fruit x1and Dream Light x20. However, this also means that you will have to wait a bit for them to grow before you can harvest the eggs you need. You can avoid that waiting time by preparing a Miracle Growth Elixir ahead of time.

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    TO Miracle Growth Elixir can be crafted at any crafting station in the Potion and Enhancement eyelash. You will need the following materials to make one:

    • Vitalis Crystals x10 (from deposits in the Sunlit Plateau mine)
    • Rich soil x10 (From crop harvest)
    • dream light x500 (For completing Dreamlight duties)

    Once you make this elixir, apply it to your Watering Can from your Inventory, then water your EGG-cellent Fruit seeds once planted. They will instantly become full plants ready for harvest. Don’t forget to bring a gardening buddy to pick up a few extras.

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    How to complete WALL-E’s daily and weekly missions

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    You can also earn some instant Easter Eggs by completing some special repeatable WALL-E missions. These quests will be available for the remainder of the Extravaganza event and will reward you with some eggs upon completion. To get started, head over to WALL-E every day and once a week to complete the quests: “Blooming and Blooming” and “bunnies on the run.” Daily quests will give: Wild Spring Eggs x5, Fruits with excellent egg x5and V-EGG table x1and the weekly missions give: Wild Spring Eggs x20, Fruits with excellent egg x20and Table V-EGG x5.

    These are just some of the ways you can earn some extra eggs, so you can complete your tasks with eggs and create some Easter decorations and recipes without the extra waiting time.

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