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    Along with Albedo (Overseer), the most sought-after character in Update 16 of Anime Adventures is Demiurge(Demon Emperor). The main reason is that the unit provides a lot of burn damage to the table, helping in finishing levels that require inflicting burn effects on enemies. To get the Demiurge (Demon Emperor) in Anime Adventures, you must first acquire the basic Demiurge unit and evolve it into its Demon Emperor version by obtaining multiple Overlord’s Rings and Star Fruits.

    How to get Demiurge in Anime Adventures

    As mentioned earlier, first and foremost, you must acquire the basic Demiurge unit. Though you can roll for the character in the Standard Banner, it’s better to try in the Special Banner due to the rarity difference. Also, open packs in multiples of 10 and consume the Ultra Lucky or Super Lucky potion to increase your chance of obtaining the mythical. Keep opening the units till you get a Demiurge from the Summons. It may take around 5000 to 7000 Diamonds to get the character.

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    How to acquire Demiurge (Demon Emperor) in Anime Adventures

    To evolve the Demiurge into Demon Emperor, you must obtain the following list of items.

    • x10 Overlord’s Ring(Red)
    • x10 Overlord’s Ring(Yellow)
    • x10 Overlord’s Ring(Blue)
    • x12 Star Fruit
    • x4 Star Fruit(Red)
    • x3 Star Fruit(Pink)
    • x4 Star Fruit(Green)
    • x1 Star Fruit(Rainbow)

    Each Overlord’s Rings can be obtained as a gift for finishing the Undead Tomb Legends Stages or Sabo’s Daily mission. For Star Fruits, purchase them from the Gold Shop or complete the Star Challenges associated with each color.

    After getting all these materials, increase the level of your Demiurge to 100 by feeding low-level units in the game. Then, evolve your Demiurge into Demiurge (Demon Emperor) from the Evolve area. 

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