How to get Curtis’ safe key in Dead Island 2


    Dead Island 2 is all about surviving the hellish landscape that is HELL-A, and there are plenty of collectibles along the way to help you out. Hidden caches are scattered throughout the levels, offering loot and weapons to those who find them. But to get in, you’ll usually need a set of keys. Curtis has a safe on his premises, and his charm attracts many players to find his keys! In this guide, we’ll help you with that!

    Where to find the Curtis safe key for the valuable Curtis safe in Dead Island 2

    To find Curtis’ safe key in Dead Island 2, you must first find a zombie named Crystal the Lawyer. However, you must have completed the story quest first. plumbing the depthsas Crystal is a Zombie Screamer and won’t appear until you’ve found them in a story mission.

    The place where he usually wanders is near Curtis’s mansion. We found her by the van with red explosive barrels next to Glitterati Corner. It will put up a good fight, so make sure you arm yourself with your best weapons. When you finally kill her, she will drop Curtis’ safe keys.

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    The location of Curtis’s valuables safe in Dead Island 2

    Once you get the Curtis Safe Key in Dead Island 2, you will be able to find the location of the Curtis Valuables Safe in the East Wing of Curtis Mansion. The safe is in the closet, guarded by a single zombie behind the locked door. Once you loot the Safe, you will get a Rare Tactical Heavy Revolver; of course your loot may vary. Finding keys to safes like this is very beneficial to your progress in the game, so always keep an eye out for them!

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