How to get Crossing Steps in Destiny 2



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    Transversive Steps is a pair of exotic boots for the Warlock class in Destiny 2. It’s a popular choice in both PvE and PvP due to its exotic perk, but where can you find it? Here’s how to get traversal steps in Destiny 2.

    Where to get Crossing Steps in Destiny 2

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    There is three methods to get your hands on the Transversal Steps in Destiny 2. The first is opening exotic engramsIt’s not a guaranteed drop though, so you can collect a few other exotics before Transverstive Steps shows up.

    Boots can also be a random world drop, but this is extremely rare, so it’s not the ideal way to get them because it can be time consuming. And even if you get an Exotic drop, the chances of it being Crossing Steps are slim.

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    Alternatively, you can pick up cross steps of Xur, Agent of the Nine, using Legendary Shards. The trader appears on the weekends, with his stock of exotics rotating each week. But then again, the chances of warlock armor appearing on his products are random, and it can take months and even years before it happens.

    The last time Xur sold the transversal steps I was in April 7-11, 2023for 23 Legendary Shards.

    Is it worth getting Crossing Steps in Destiny 2?

    Warlocks participating in The Crucible should definitely consider getting traverse steps. not only his strange transporter The exotic perk increases your sprint speed, but also refills your current weapon automatically After running. This allows you to maneuver around the map quickly in PvE, avoiding your Guardian opponents and giving you the upper hand when it comes to sneaking up to kill them.

    This extra speed is also good in PvE, especially in Strikes and Raids, as, again, it makes you quick when it comes to avoiding attacks and ambushing targets.

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