How to get credit coupons in Genshin Impact


    While serving his sentence in the Meropide Fortress, Mora is worthless. Surprising right? Well, it turns out that when you’re a prisoner there, credit coupons are the only thing that matters. Credit coupons allow you to buy meals, miss work, and even sleep in in history. However, they are also relatively important to the progression of the content once the main 4.1 story concludes. He’ll need to get them in bulk, so here’s how to do it.

    How to earn credit coupons in Genshin Impact

    As currency, Credit Coupons only have real value while you are inside Meropide Fortress. The best way to earn them is by opening Meropide Fortress treasure chests and Complete slice-of-life scenes in Meropide quests. Both of these things are located throughout the prison fortress, so there’s plenty to do while you’re there. Please note that chests and quests are mostly unlocked. after completing the Meorpide Fortress story.

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    Where to use Credit Coupons in Genshin Impact?

    Credit coupons can be used in two ways within the Meropide Fortress. The first form was heavily focused during story 4.1. Bringing credit coupons to Café allows you to exchange for high-quality food in addition to free Wellness food, as mentioned in the main story. The more credit coupons you have, the better food you can get, so make sure you have plenty with you.

    Additionally, you can also bring them to Rag and Bone Shop to purchase a variety of useful goods, including some items that will help you win in the Pankration Ring. Since you are no longer a prisoner at this point, you can freely go to Meropide Fortress and participate in obtaining credit coupons freely without the restrictions placed on you during the story.


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