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    There are different types of Haki in Haze Piece, but they are both great. While Observation Haki allows the player to dodge, Buso Haki will allow players to hit Logia’s fruit eaters. Some of the most popular fruits in the game are Logia fruits, so players should definitely try to grab Buso Haki if they don’t want to be automatically destroyed in PvP.

    Where to get Buso Haki Level 1 in Haze Piece – Roblox

    Players can obtain Buso Haki level 1 in Haze Piece from NPC Old Man Silver. He can be found in Logue City, which is the island north of Clown Island. Players can easily get there from Starter Island by simply going straight and around Clown Island.

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    Once players reach the island, they must look for the hill with the large building. Towards the end of this hill will be Old Man Silver, standing in front of a door. It will give Buso Haki level 1 if the player meets these requirements:

    • reach level 350
    • give $100k

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    Where to get Buso Haki Level 2 in Haze Piece – Roblox

    The NPC that gives Buso Haki level 2 is a little harder to find. He is hidden on Revolutionary Island, which is located on the far left of the map. I recommend arriving from Logue City and sailing west, going around Tall Woods to find Revolutionary Island.

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    Once on Revolutionary Island, players should look around the area in the back until they find a rectangular gray house. The NPC that gives Buso Haki level 2 is in here.

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    Your requirements are the following:

    • reach level 1150
    • give $250k

    What is the difference between both levels of Buso Haki?

    Both levels of Buso Haki work basically the same way. The only difference between them is the amount of sword damage they improve. Level 1 of Buso Haki only grants 5% additional sword damage, while level 2 provides 7.5% additional sword damage.

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