How to get Axolotl in Cyberpunk 2077


    Equipping the right cyberware for your build can be a game-changer in Cyberpunk 2077, especially after the 2.0 update. The best cyberwares can usually be purchased from Ripperdocs, but you can also find them while exploring Night City and as quest rewards. Here’s how to get the Axolotl implant.

    How to Unlock Axolotl Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077

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    To get the Level 5 Iconic Axolotl Frontal Cortex, you must complete all 23 concerts for repairman Regina Jones. His concerts appear in the watson region, the northern part of the Night City map (see map). As you complete available tasks, new ones will appear in different locations in the same region. If you are just starting the Cyberpunk story, don’t worry as Regina Jones will contact you after Act 1.

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    Once all of Regina’s jobs are completed, you will get a final side quest from her called Last call. Follow the work and it will take you to V’s apartment. open your stash and you will find the level 5 iconic Axolotl in storage. Make sure to transfer the item to your inventory and go to a Ripperdoc to install it.

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    There is an alternative way to get the Axolotl, but it will be a little less powerful. If you own the Phantom Liberty expansion, go to the Ripperdoc nearly EBM Petrochemical Stadium fast travel point in dogtownand ask Eron to modify your cyberware. Select Frontal Cortex and buy Axolotl for 52,332 eddies. The Axolotl sold here is a Tier 4 variant and offers a -9% cooldown, while the one obtained through Regina’s concerts has a -10.5% cooldown.

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