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    You certainly already know about Gold and Obols, but do you know how to get Red Dust? Diablo 4? Red Dust is an in-game currency. Diablo 4 which you can use to buy all kinds of themed cosmetics and gear-in. the game.

    This primer describes red dust in detail, including how to get into red dust Diablo 4.

    How to get Red Dust in Diablo 4

    Before you can get red dust in Diablo 4 you need seeds of hatred.

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    The red dust is derived from the seeds of hatred, and is the only place in it. the game To find the seeds of hate is in the fields of hate. There are two fields of hatred. Diablo 4 – One in the Dry Steppes and the other in Kahjastan.

    In the Fields of Hatred, you will find Seeds of Hatred. You can earn Hate Seeds by participating in various activities in Hate Fields, such as killing other players, killing monsters, opening chests, and perfecting Seething Abduction.

    If you die in the Fields of Hate, you will lose all Hate Seeds on your self, and if you leave the Fields of Hate, you will lose all Hate Seeds. To obtain the red dust, you must transform your hate seeds by going to an altar of exorcism and performing a ritual of purification.

    There are four exorcism altars scattered around the area in both areas of hatred. Interact with any exorcism altar to initiate a purification ritual. Purification rituals last about 50 seconds, during which you face an onslaught of monsters, as well as any enemy players who decide to jump onto the field.

    If you can manage to survive the purification ritual, all your seeds of hatred will turn to red dust.

    Diablo 4 Red Dust: Uses

    Visit the vendors in Alzuuda and Denshar to spend your Red Dust in Diablo 4!

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    Once you’ve accumulated a decent amount of red dust, you can use it to buy special cosmetics, gamble for gear, or buy cursed scrolls that will give you an advantage in PvP.

    The following vendors in Al Zoda and Denshar accept Red Dust as payment:

    • Odds and Ends Vendor
    • Cursed scroll vendor
    • Obnoxious weirdo vendor
    • Unconventional mount armor
    • You might want to upgrade Healing Potions in Diablo 4 before diving into PvP!

    What can you buy with Red Dust in Diablo 4?

    You can buy dozens of items with Red Dust in Diablo 4.

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    Below is a full selection of goods and services. Diablo 4 What you can buy with Red Dust:

    Character Armor Costs
    Assassin’s Creed 90,000 red dust
    Assassin’s Vest 90,000 red dust
    The hands of the killer 75,000 red dust
    Assassin’s shoes 60,000 red dust
    Killer leggings 75,000 red dust
    Mount Armor Costs
    Blood Warrior Barding 85,000 red dust
    Brutal Wizard’s Barding 40,000 red dust
    Cruel Assassin’s Barding 40,000 red dust
    Barding of the Dark Knight 40,000 red dust
    Demon Warrior’s Barding 85,000 red dust
    Mount Trophy Costs
    Blood Warriors Warning 75,000 red dust
    Brutal wizard standard 30,000 red dust
    Saddlebag of the Cruel Assassin 30,000 red dust
    The Dark Knight’s Strongbox 30,000 red dust
    Demonic Warlord’s Wind Chimes 75,000 red dust
    the mountain Costs
    Blood Mountain 100,000 red dust
    Cursed scroll Costs
    Cursed Scroll of Chaos 1,200 Red Dust
    Cursed scroll of carelessness 800 Red Dust
    Cursed Scroll of Tranquility 800 Red Dust
    gambling Costs
    hat 3,000 red dust
    grape 3,000 red dust
    gloves 3,000 red dust
    shoes 3,000 red dust
    Pants 3,000 red dust

    That’s all you need to know about how to inject Red Dust. Diablo 4. First, step into the fields of hatred and collect the seeds of hatred. Next, perform a purification ritual to turn your Hatred Seeds into Red Dust, an in-game currency. Diablo 4 Which you can use to get all kinds of cool stuff and cosmetics!

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