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    My character’s appearance is always one of the most important things to me in a game, which is why armor and gear are at the top of my priorities. However, it’s not all just about the looks. Armor provides plenty of other useful qualities, most importantly, defense. You’ll be better protected entering battles if you have a proper set of armor on; plus, you can upgrade them to increase your stats even more. Here’s how to get some!

    How to get armor in Fire Force Online

    To get this particular armor, you’re first going to want to make sure you join up with the Fire Forces. This can be done by completing good deeds around The City and becoming a Respected Civilian. These two armor sets are only available to players in the Fire Forces, so you’ll need to complete your training and join up as your first step. Once you’ve done that, you can find the armor sets in the Fire Force HQ.

    Fire Forces HQ Location in Fire Force Online

    To get to the Fire Forces HQ from the spawn City area, you’ll need to traverse up some cliffs and through the Wilderness.

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    First, locate the hospital with the ambulances parked outside in the far corner. Then you’ll notice the opening in the cliffs where you can climb up into the Wilderness. You’re going to want to continue following the path through and to the left, climbing up rocks as needed.

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    You should come to an area where you’ll pass a seated NPC against the cliff and spot a wooden arrow sign. Follow the arrow forward and to the left and climb up another big hill.

    Once you reach the stone path and steps, you’ll officially enter the Fire Forces HQ area. However, you’ll need to go to the main Training building to find the Blacksmith.

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    Where to find the Blacksmith in Fire Force Online

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    Once in the Fire Forces HQ, follow the path forward and around to the left. You’ll want to look for the building with two large pillars on either side of the main entrance. Inside, you’ll see the Examiner right at the entrance. Pass him into the main room and take the stairs on the left side to the next level.

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    On the second floor, enter the second doorway. Here you’ll find the Blacksmith and two sets of armor up for purchase. They are essentially the same in terms of what they can provide but are two different-looking styles. Both can be upgraded for better defense and stats. These are the two options:

    • Fire Proof Outfit – $700
    • Fire Force Overalls – $700

    Simply click the displayed armor you want, and it will ask you if you want to purchase it. Then you can find it in your inventory to equip.

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    How to upgrade armor in Fire Force Online

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    To upgrade your set of armor that you purchase and increase its stats to provide better bonuses, you’ll need to speak to the Blacksmith. Approach him and click on him to speak to him. Then select the option “Yes,” when he asks if you’re looking to upgrade.

    There are three different stats you can upgrade for your armor, no matter what set you chose. It costs $500 for each upgrade, plus you’ll need a specific number of Cores as well. You can get Cores from fighting Infernals, which is the top task of being in the Fire Forces, so they are pretty easy to collect. Take a look at the following upgrades and what they can grant you:

    • Durability: Increases your max HP
    • Fire Resistance: Reduced damage from all fire-sourced abilities
    • Utility: Increase the amount of damage you deal

    As you can see, armor can be particularly useful as a Fire Forces member, allowing you to boost your stats, whether it be to better protect you or help you deal more damage. Save up your money by completing jobs and missions around the world to get the set you like and upgrade it.

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