How to get an Insurmountable Skullfort in Destiny 2



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    An Unsurpassed Skullfort is an Exotic helmet for Titans in Destiny 2, and it’s arguably one of the best for the class if you’re a stickler for aesthetics. But getting your hands on it can be difficult. Here’s how to get an Insurmountable Skullfort in Destiny 2.

    Where to get an Insurmountable Skullfort in Destiny 2

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    There is three ways of obtaining the Exotic Titan Helm in Destiny 2. The first and most common is through exotic engrams, although it is still a rare find. Like all exotics, getting one’s unsurpassed Skullfort depends on random chanceso don’t expect to find it on your first try.

    Similarly, an Insurmountable Skullfort can also appear as a fall of the worldthough this method is extremely rare, even more so than getting exotic engrams, so we don’t recommend making this your primary way of trying to get it.

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    Lastly, if you’re lucky, you can also find An Unbeatable Skullfort in Xur, Agent of the Ninewho appears weekly with a new set of items that you can purchase in exchange for Legendary Shards in Destiny 2.

    The last time Xur sold An Insurmountable Skullfort was in April 21—25, 2023for 23 Legendary Shards.

    Is it worth getting an unsurpassed Skullfort in Destiny 2?

    An insurmountable Skullfort is worth it if you’re a Arc Subclass Titan, especially if you are a fan of melee combat. Is Transfusion Matrix Exotic Perk add health regeneration and melee energy regeneration by getting a kill with your Arc melee ability, so if you love throwing punches, it’s a dream come true.

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