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    The Career Center is finally open and ready for visitors! Explore the world of Roblox and learn all about what it’s like to work there in the immersive, interactive, and educational experience, Roblox Career Center. As you get to see the ins and outs, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn some free Roblox-themed swag, which can be found detailed in the brief guide below.

    How to unlock all free items in Roblox Career Center

    The list below details all free items that have ever been available to obtain in this experience. For a closer look at each item, continue reading past this list.

    Early Career items

    As can be seen from the list above, every Early Career item in this experience is unlocked the same way, by purchasing it from the in-game UGC Shop. Each one of these items costs 100 Robolts, which are earned by completing quests. To complete quests, simply talk to the various NPCs that have been scattered around the map and complete the tasks they give you. To keep track of your quests, click the Quests button at the bottom of your screen to open the quest menu.

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    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Boba items

    Similar to all five of the Early Career items being earned by completing quests, the four Boba items are each earned the same way as well, by ordering Boba drinks from the Boba Cafe. The barista at the cafe, Harrison, will offer you four drinks upon speaking with him, one for each UGC item. Upon ordering one of each drink, you’ll unlock all four boba avatar items. That’s all there is to it!

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