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    I might not have any ice skating abilities in real life, but my Robloxian on the other hand, she can’t wait to skate her way into this awesome new experience, NHL Blast! Whether you’re a fan of hockey, or just on the hunt for some free items, NHL Blast has something for everyone, so hop on in, lace up your skates, and follow along with our brief guide below to learn more.

    How to earn all free items in NHL Blast

    The list below details all the free items that have ever been available to obtain in NHL Blast. For a closer look at each item, continue reading past this list.

    • Hockey Puck Head (No longer obtainable)
      • Unlocked by taking a selfie with the Golden Hockey Mask
    • Hockey Stick Wings (No longer obtainable)
      • Unlocked by reaching level 10
    • Pet Yeti Mascot (Currently obtainable)
      • Unlocked by completing every yeti quest
    • NHL Hockey Helmet (No longer obtainable)
      • Unlocked by completing every NHL Hockey Helmet quest

    Hockey Puck Head

    The Hockey Puck Head item is unlocked by equipping the Golden Hockey Mask at the Goalie Mask Painter and taking a selfie at the Upper Deck Selfie Station. Before you can equip this mask, however, you need to be at least level two. To gain levels, we need to earn XP by playing the ice hockey minigame, which can be accessed from the spawn area.

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    When the minigame begins, shoot as many hockey pucks as you can into the opposing team’s goal as fast as you can to earn points. Each time you score a goal, or stun a player by hitting them with a hockey puck, you’ll earn XP.

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    If your team wins by scoring the most points, you’ll earn bonus XP, which will be accounted for at the end of the game. Completing one game, even if your team loses, should give you enough XP to reach far beyond level two, so feel free to leave and return to the lobby once your XP has been applied!

    Upon returning to the lobby, look for the Goalie Mask Painter and interact with its NPC to equip the new helmet you unlocked.

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    With the helmet equipped, head to the Upper Deck Selfie Station and step inside it. Once inside, use the camera icon to snap a selfie. As soon as you do, you should unlock the Hockey Puck Head item and its corresponding badge.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Hockey Stick Wings

    The Hockey Stick Wings are unlocked by reaching level 10, which can be done playing two or three rounds of the hockey minigame. Simply follow the steps mentioned above to earn XP and this item should be yours in no time!

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    Pet Yeti Mascot

    The Pet Yeti Mascot is unlocked by completing four short quests: Equip a new jersey in the locker room, select a new jersey number in the locker room, score 30 match goals, and tag 20 players. Since we’ve already gone over scoring goals and tagging players in this guide, those two yeti quests shouldn’t be too difficult to complete, though they may take a while.

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    The other two quests, equipping a jersey and changing its number, can be completed by interacting with the Locker Room in the spawn area.

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    Once inside the Locker Room menu, simply select any jersey of your choosing, click the Numbers tab on the right, and then type in your favorite number.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames
    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    When you’re satisfied with your jersey design, select the blue Equip button to return to the spawn area. As soon as you do, you should complete the final two questions and earn the Pet Yeti Mascot item.

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    NHL Hockey Helmet

    The NHL Hockey Helmet is a limited-time item that can be unlocked by completing the following three quests: Equip the Starry Goalie mask, Take a selfie with the Starry Goalie mask, and Play two games. As these quests are repeats of what’s already been explained above, I won’t reiterate how to complete them. Luckily, for that same reason, this item shouldn’t take too long to unlock!


    That’s it for our guide on how to get all free items in NHL Blast! If/when more free items are added to this experience, we will update this guide accordingly.

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