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    American model and influencer karlie kloss has joined the Roblox Metaverse once again (not to be confused with his previous experience, Showcase of fashion designer Klossette) and has brought free avatar items with her. To earn these items, players need to join their new experience, FASHION KLOSSETTEand complete some short missions. To learn more about these missions, please continue reading below. Or, if you’re looking for even more free items, check out our full list of Roblox promo codes.

    How to win all free items in FASHION KLOSSETE

    The following list briefly details the three UGC event items and how they can be obtained. For more direct help on how to obtain these items, please continue reading beyond this list.

    karlie kloss hair

    Every time you click on a player’s avatar, their profile will appear, and on this profile there is a button that says Continue. To win the Karlie Kloss Hair, you need five different players to open your profile and click this button, indicating that they have followed you. As soon as the fifth person clicks the button, you will automatically unlock the avatar item! To gain followers quickly, we recommend asking players to “follow to follow” in the chat box, that way they’ll get some of that too.

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    messy blonde bangs – klossette

    It will probably take you longer to unlock this item, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard! To earn it, all you need to do is complete the in-game tutorial missions, which can be found by opening your profile and selecting the Missions icon.

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    After completing the last of the tutorial missions, you will automatically unlock the Messy Blonde Bangs item.

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    Klossette oversized jumper

    To win this item, click on the orange Create at the bottom of the screen and follow each of the four customization steps: scene creation, outfit selection, glam makeover, and upload.

    Image from MyFullGames
    Image from MyFullGames

    Once you’ve styled, dressed, and customized your avatar to your liking, send it out on the runway to post your look! As soon as you do, you should earn the sweater item and its corresponding badge.

    thick boots

    Earning 7,000 Klossette Coins is no easy feat, so give yourself a pat on the back if you can unlock this item! Klossette Coins can be earned by voting on runway looks, winning fashion contests, and completing missions. If you haven’t completed all of your Milestone Quests, we recommend tackling them first, as each one will offer a decent reward!

    Klossette holographic T-shirt

    The Klossette Holographic Shirt is unlocked after “liking” 100 looks. To see how many looks you’ve liked, open your profile and select the thumbs up icon. To like more looks, teleport to the track using the map feature and wait for a fashion to start. As each look passes, you’ll have around 10 seconds to like it using the thumbs up button at the top of the screen before the next one appears.


    That’s it for our guide on how to earn all free items in FASHION KLOSSETTE! If and/or when more items are added to this experience, we will update this guide accordingly.

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