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    While the main part of Oxenfree 2 is enjoying the puzzles and excellent story of this great narrative adventure, there are also over 20 achievements to complete if you want the full experience. Five of them are connected to collect all the game collectibles that appear all over the map throughout the game. If you want to know how to get all 13 Adler Letter collectibles and their exact locations, keep reading.

    Oxenfree 2: All 13 Maggie Adler Card Locations (Exact Locations)

    It is important to note that these elements they only become visible and available to pick up having visited Jacob’s cabin and then returned to break into the general store and packed up his climbing gear and the other transmitters. This means that you will need to revisit the places you have already been if you want to get all the cards.

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    I’ve listed all the cards below in what I think is the best order to collect them, and I’ve noted the conditions you need to meet before they appear. Also, keep in mind that once you have left the mainland to go to the island you will not be able to return. So make sure you have collected all the cards before you leave, otherwise you will need to play Oxenfree II again until you visit Garland Ghost Town.

    1 uptown port

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    The closest letter you can find after getting your gear is next to the flagpole in the overlook just above the General Store.

    2 Copper Creek Trail

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    After crossing the bridge that Jacob spits from, climb the wall that leads to the Pemmican trailhead. The letter is on the first ledge at the top of the climb.

    3 Pemican Trail

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    Go back down the wall you climbed to get the second letter, then follow the path to the Pemican Trailhead. Go left at the first crossroads to the dead end, where you will find the next letter of Adler.

    4 layer of camber

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    Go back up to Camber Cape, where you planted the first transmitter. Your next card is next to the animal burrow.

    5 The Caves, Waterhead Bluffs

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    When you exit the caves near the water and go up, either before or after throwing the rope at Jacob, jump to the right and go down to the end of the dead-end path to pick up a letter there.

    6 charity points

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    After seeing your dad when you fall while in the caves, you go up towards the top. The next letter is on a small ledge to your right before you go up the ladder that leads to the rope bridge.

    7 point tilia

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    After chasing Charlie and he closes the door behind him, go across the waterfall to the left, go left again to the bank, then down the path and down the cliff to a ledge and letter.

    Tilia 8-point ranger station

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    Go down the steps from the ranger station to the notice board, then cross the tree stump above the water and up the path to the top. There is a letter on the ground there.

    9 Tortega Jumps

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    On one of the steps below the falls, after you’ve talked to Charlie here.

    10 Horseshoe Beach

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    Once you’ve placed the transmitter in Tortega Falls (it won’t appear beforehand), head back to the beach still on the Tortega side, roughly where you saw the chimney in the vision. Now there will be a letter from Adler there.

    funny 11

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    Next to the Dumpster to the right of Funnie’s, just east and up the road from Jacob’s car. I found out that this one was only there after I had placed the transmitter in Tortega Falls, despite having searched the area before.

    12 Church of the Great Architect

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    The last of Adler’s normal cards is outside the church on the left, near the graveyard, in Garland Ghost Town. It can be hard to spot, but it is available before or after entering the mines.

    13 Berenson Creek

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    It’s important to put attention on this letter is only available once you have found all the other letters. Go back to Jascob’s house and go down the stairs in front of her, then keep going down until you are outside the barn. You will find the last letter there and have an emotional conversation with Jacob.

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