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    Whether you choose to go to the Fire Forces or the White Clads, you’ll want to learn all the best abilities that you can. Those abilities will help you excel in battle and take down any foe that gets in your way. I’m always looking for the quickest and easiest ways to make my character stronger, and you’ll need ability points to do that. Ability points are the key to unlocking your abilities, so here’s all the information you’ll need to get them and instantly become more powerful.

    How to get ability points in Fire Force Online

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    Ability points work almost exactly like skill points in Fire Force Online; however, they are much more valuable and harder to obtain. Ability points are essential to increasing your character’s power and learning new abilities to use in battle. You’ll see most of the skills for abilities branching off of the first light purple basic knowledge node. They will be a pinkish-magenta color and extend toward the southeast of the menu. If you don’t see them yet, it’s because you’ll need to reach a higher Generation, which will also require you to complete quests and rank up.

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    You can keep track of them by pressing M and opening your Skill Tree menu. On the left side, it’ll tell you how many ability points you have available. To get ability points, you’ll need to rank up. As a beginning player, you’ll receive 6 ability points to use right away, and then another ability point every 1-2 ranks. Once you reach rank 5, you will only get ability points every 5-6 ranks, so you’ll need to do some serious grinding to get them after this. Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can gain ranks quickly and earn those points.

    How to rank up quickly in Fire Force Online

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    To gain ability points, you’ll need to rank up, and if you happen to already be ranked 5, it’s going to be a lot of grinding to acquire more. So here are some quick and fairly easy ways to gain ranks quickly:


    Once you’re a member of the Fire Forces or White Clads, you can find the Mission Board (as pictured above) and collect these missions. Completing the task for the mission, such as defeating Infernals or Fire Force players, will earn you XP toward your next rank. Plus, you can keep repeating this as many times as you’d like.


    Another simple method to earn ranks is to pick up quests around the world. Any NPC with an exclamation mark above their head will have a task you can complete for them. Just like the Mission Board, you can repeat these quests usually multiple times. The City has plenty of quests to pick up and is a great place for beginning players looking to rank up quickly.

    Events & Patrols

    You should always look out for special events or patrol opportunities while you’re in the game. These tasks will level you up a lot faster than regular missions or quests. However, you’ll usually want to participate in them with other players since they are bound to be more difficult to complete but offer some valuable rewards as well.


    The last easy way to rank up is to simply battle as much as possible; fight other players, NPCs, and Infernals. You’ll earn XP just for defeating enemies. If you go to the Slums or other dungeon areas, you’ll find plenty of enemies to fight. Boss enemies will especially give you XP and other useful rewards.

    Always ensure you use your ability points in the best possible way. It doesn’t hurt to occasionally save some of them rather than using them right away, so you can get something more useful later on. You’ll want to save up, especially for the subclass option, once you reach rank 25. Happy rank grinding!

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