How to get a Nuke on Vondel


    Do you have what it takes to complete the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone and get a Nuke on Vondel? Dropping a Nuke is perhaps the greatest feat you can accomplish in Warzone, and now you can do it on Vondel! This primer explains in detail what you need to do to start the Champion’s Quest and get a Nuke on Vondel in Warzone.

    How to start the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone

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    The process of unlocking the Champion’s Quest on Vondel is identical to how you get the original Champion’s Quest on Al Mazrah. To have a go at the Vondel Champion’s Quest, you must win five Battle Royale matches in a row. On your sixth match, you can drop into Vondel and accept the classified Champion’s Quest Contract to build and arm a Nuke and destroy the Warzone.

    Warzone Vondel Champion’s Quest: How to get a Nuke on Vondel

    Note the differences between getting a Nuke on Al Mazrah and a Nuke on Vondel

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    While the objective of both the game‘s Champion’s Quests is to build and arm an M.G.B., the elements needed to put together the Nuke on Vondel are different from the ones you gather when you build a Nuke on Al Mazrah.

    To get a Nuke on Vondel, you must first collect the elemental compounds of Gallium, Deuterium, and Neptunium. However, these elements are dangerous and inflict harmful side effects on their holders. Gallium permanently reveals anyone who touches it, Deuterium fatigues and limits the ability to sprint, and Neptunium occasionally electrocutes all nearby Operators and hay-wires vehicles.

    Another new hurdle to deal with when it comes to the Vondel Champion’s Quest is that the elements must be held at all times and can’t be dropped. On Al Mazrah, it was common for Champion’s Quest participants to drop elements and collect them later once they were ready to put the Nuke together. Now if you drop an element, you have to recapture it to continue the Champion’s Quest.

    Once you collect all three elements, visit the Bomb Site that appears and arm the Nuke. Last but not least, defend the Bomb Site for two minutes until the Nuke detonates. Most likely, the entire Warzone lobby will set out to put a stop to your Champion’s Quest and attempt to disarm the Nuke, so prepare for an intense fight!

    Warzone Vondel Champion’s Quest: Rewards

    The rewards make getting a Nuke in Warzone more than worth it

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    Triggering a Nuke on Vondel is a tremendous feat, and the rewards you get for pulling it off reflect that. Below is a current list of the goodies awarded for completing the Champion’s Quest in Warzone:

    • “Titan 239” Nova Operator Skin
    • “Dual Yield” Dual Kodachis Weapon Blueprint
    • “ISO-Soap” Large Decal
    • “Reactor 239” LTV Vehicle Skin

    These are some top-tier cosmetics and are definitely worth acquiring. The “Titan 239” Nova Operator Skin and the “Dual Yield” Dual Kodachis Weapon Blueprint are especially enticing, considering that both feature unique GFX.

    So, that’s how you complete the Vondel Champion’s Quest in Warzone and get a Nuke on Vondel. Drop into Vondel and start hunting that Nuke when Season 05 of Warzone kicks off on August 2, 2023.

    Which Warzone Nuke Operator Skin do you prefer?


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