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    In the popular tycoon-style experience My Restaurant, players create and grow their very own restaurant by interacting with customers, cooking delicious meals, hiring various staff, purchasing new decorations, and more. With its Aug. 12, 2023, update, My Restaurant saw the addition of a new customer type—one that’s ready to set the party on fire—the Dominus Infernus customer! So, how do you lure this customer into your establishment? Continue reading below to find out.

    How to summon a Dominus Infernus customer in My Restaurant

    Technically, there isn’t an exact way to spawn a Dominus Infernus customer into your restaurant; they appear at random. You can, however, make it more likely that one will show up by purchasing certain furniture pieces, and by having an efficient and fast-moving business. The more customers you serve and push out, the more chances there are for a Dominus Infernus customer to show up.

    When a Dominus Infernus customer appears, be sure to seat them immediately (or as soon as you can)—the better they’re treated and tended to during their visit, the bigger the tip they’ll leave at the end. To know exactly when they spawn, keep an eye on the chat feed—you’ll be notified when one appears. When a Dominus Infernus customer finishes their meal, the tip they leave can be pretty hefty. In fact, this is currently the highest-paying customer in the entire experience at the time of this article’s publication!

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    As mentioned above, adding pieces of Dominus Infernus-themed furniture to your restaurant will increase the odds of a Dominus Infernus customer appearing, and can also increase the tip they leave behind. The following pieces of furniture can attract a Dominus Infernus.

    • Dominus Infernus Table – Increases chance of a Dominus Infernus visiting your restaurant by 50%
    • Dominus Infernus Chair – Increases chance of a Dominus Infernus visiting your restaurant by 50%

    These pieces won’t directly attract a Dominus Infernus customer, but can be used to increase your restaurant’s general profits:

    • Dominus Infernus Vase – Increases amount that customers tip
    • Dominus Infernus Head – Increase the amount that customers tip and how often


    That’s it for this quick guide on how to get a Dominus Infernus customer in My Restaurant. Have you been lucky enough to have one stop by? Let me know in the comments below!

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