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    While there are many anime-inspired Roblox games, Anime Fighting Simulator X is one of my favorites. It allows me to collect and fight alongside some of my favorite anime characters and unlock cool abilities. One ability I was eager to get my hands on was flying. Unfortunately, it will take some work to get the ability to fly. That said, let’s discover how to unlock flying in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

    Anime Fighting Simulator X – How to Fly

    Before you can fly in Anime Fighting Simulator X, you must unlock a flying mount. Once you have it, you will be able to take flight whenever you please. To activate your flying ability, equip the flying mount and then press Ctrl to summon your mount.

    This will put you in hover mode, but you need to press Spacebar to enter flying mode. This allows you to move through the air like you would if you were walking on the ground. You can press Spacebar again to leave flight mode and once again enter hover mode.

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    How to get a Flying Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator

    You can unlock many flying mounts, but the easiest and quickest to get is the Flame Flight Mount. This is done by completing quests for Boom, who can be found in the starting area. If you are having trouble completing quests, be sure to use Anime Fighting Simulator X codes to speed up the process. Here is how to get the Flame Flight mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X.

    • Speak to Boom (NPC).
    • Complete Quests 1 – 21.
    • Equip Flame Flight mount.
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