How to fix the In Memoriam quest bug in Starfield


    In a game as huge and ambitious as the action RPG Starfield, there are always going to be some situations the developers overlooked or simply didn’t come across in testing such as quest bugs. One such bug can happen to players while trying to complete the main relationship quest with Sarah Morgan. Read on for how to fix the In Memorium quest bug in Starfield if it happens to you. 

    Starfield In Memoriam quest – Sarah Bug Fix

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    Issues seem to crop up with the Starfield In Memorium quest for players who begin the quest but then get sidetracked and deviate away from its path, meaning Sarah isn’t with you at a key moment. There isn’t a specific bug fix right now. However, if you just work through the mission step by step, without doing anything else, you should be OK. The easiest course is to reload to a save point before the bug occurs and then do the quest again, step by step. If this isn’t an option because you’ve done too much in between, or don’t have a suitable save point, read on below.

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    These are known reasons that can trigger the bug:

    • Can’t talk to Sona: When you get to the latter part of the In Memorium quest, which involves talking to Sona, you may not get the option to speak to her when you approach her. As you gain Sarah as a permanent companion until this quest line is resolved, it means that if you don’t complete the quest you’re stuck with Sarah. 
    • Can’t talk to Sarah: If you approach the War Memorial with the quest active by Sarah isn’t with you, this can trigger the quest to move on but without the required conversation with Sarah. When you try to speak to Sarah later at the Lodge she’ll walk away and not speak to you, meaning you can’t progress. 
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    Some players have reported that the issue will resolve itself after talking to everyone after the funeral during the Missed Beyond Measure main storyline quest, but I can’t confirm this. If you can, let me know in the comments.

    If these fixes don’t work for you, you try a more drastic measure such as firing Sarah from your crew and meeting her back at the Lodge, but again this is not guaranteed to work. Outside of this, I suggest you contact Bethesda support and report it. Hopefully, it will be properly fixed in a patch soon. 

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