How to fix slow download speed for BG3 on Steam


    Few games have had me more excited than Baldur’s Gate 3. A small taste of the early access version made me fall in love with the game, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting launch day. Other RPG fans seem to feel the same way, as my Steam download for BG3 is incredibly slow. This left me wondering why my download speed was down and if I could speed it up to play BG3 already.

    How to increase Steam download speed for Baldurs Gate 3

    Unfortunately, the download for Baldur’s Gate 3 relies on the Steam servers. This means the issue is not on your end, so you can do only so much. You can check the Steam server status at Downdetector and see a huge spike when Baldur’s Gate became available for download. It may help to turn off any other device using your internet, but this will likely only help a little.

    One method you can try is to change your download region. Some regions may have fewer users downloading BG3, which may allow you to download it faster. This can be done by using the following instructions.

    • Open Steam.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Select Downloads.
    • Change your Download Region.

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    Your mileage may vary with this method, but you can try different regions to see if any give you increased download speed on Steam. Feel free to give it a shot, and maybe you’ll get lucky; otherwise, you simply need to give BG3 time.

    Why is Baldurs Gate 3 download so slow on Steam?

    The issue causing slow download speeds for Baldur’s Gate 3 is the large number of players trying to download the game simultaneously. BG3 is one of the most highly anticipated RPGs ever, so many players are eager to play it. The same issue happened when Larian Studios released the early access of BG3.

    Due to an issue with Steam, Larian Studios could not allow pre-loading. Because of this, downloads are happening simultaneously and not staggered. This means you must be patient and hope that Steam will smile upon you and let you download with advantage.

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