How to fix low FPS and reduce lag in Minecraft Legends


    Minecraft Legends is an action strategy game set in the ever popular world of Minecraft. The game asks players to save the Overworld from a Piglin invasion, but this epic story may come to a halt for some players as they experience reduced game performance and FPS drops. This guide will help you eliminate this annoying incident, so you can continue getting rid of Piglins fast!

    How to improve low FPS and get better performance in Minecraft Legends

    To improve low FPS and get better performance in Minecraft Legends, you can start by lowering your graphics settings. Doing this first step will most likely solve most of your problems, especially if you have older hardware. To access the video settings, follow the steps below:

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    • Launch Minecraft Legends on your device.
    • Once you enter the main menu, click on settings.
    • Select the Video horizontal menu tab.
    • Modify the options gradually until the game performance stabilizes.

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    You can play around with various options in the Video menu, some of which will affect performance significantly. Try adjusting the following for best results:

    • vsync: Disabling Vsync will quickly give you an FPS boost, as most rigs will struggle with this option. Disabling this option may cause screen tearing.
    • Field of view– Lowering the FoV slider will narrow your perspective in-game, but it will also limit the amount of detail the game needs to display on screen, giving you a little boost in frames.
    • Rendering Detail Level– Selecting lower presets for this option further balances rendering details in favor of game performance. Feel free to lower this configuration to your liking.
    • full screen resolution– While lowering your game’s resolution will certainly give you a framerate boost, we only recommend lowering this option as a last resort, as it will significantly affect how your game displays on screen.

    Other ways to fix FPS issues and reduce lag in Minecraft Legends

    If adjusting your video settings didn’t work for you, you can try a few more things to fix FPS issues and reduce lag in Minecraft Legends, like updating your graphics drivers. To check if your graphics drivers are up to date, follow the steps below:

    • On the Windows desktop, right-click the Start button and select Device administrator.
    • Click on the Display adapters to expand it.
    • Right click on your graphics card and select update driver from the drop down menu.
    • Select the Automatically search for drivers option.
    • The rest of the process will depend on the type of graphics card. Follow the instructions during the setup process and you should have your display drivers up to date.

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