How to fix Elden Ring DLC ​​not working on PS5


    Unfortunately, the Elden Ring DLC ​​has some known issues, especially for those trying to play on PS5, but while these bugs may ruin your gaming experience for a moment, they can be fixed. As the cocoon bugWe can provide you with some quick solutions to solve your problem.

    Elden Ring DLC ​​not working on PS5 – Solutions

    Bugs and glitches are one thing, but it’s another thing entirely if the game doesn’t want to work at all. A major issue that’s happening to PS5 players is that the DLC doesn’t seem to appear when they launch the game, even though they purchase and download it normally. If you have encountered this problem, don’t panic, there are a few ways to fix it:

    • Sign out and sign back in to PlayStation Network—The first method you can try to solve your problem is to sign out of the PlayStation Network and then sign in again. It may not have been updated with your most recent downloads or updates, but it may update when you sign in again.
    • Restart your PS5—If logging out and logging back in doesn’t work, try restarting your console completely. Your console may need a full update to detect any new content and maybe even a system update you weren’t aware of.
    • Download the game to the main SSD storage drive—If you have downloaded the game and DLC to expansion storage or an external drive, try transferring them to the main console’s SSD storage (uninstalling and reinstalling the game and DLC may also help).
    • Restore game license on your PS5—Another method you can try is to restore the game licenses. To do this, navigate to the following: Settings > Users and accounts > Others > Restore licenses. In this menu, press the ‘Restore’ button to begin the process. Once this is done, restart the game and give it a try.
    • Contact PS5 support—If none of the other methods seem to work, you can always try contacting the PS5 Support Team. They may be able to give you more instructions on how to fix the problem.

    We know how frustrating these problems can be, but we hope these solutions worked for you. Stay calm and collected and you’ll be back playing before you know it and enjoying that new content.

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