How to fix ‘content servers unreachable’ on Steam


    Few error messages pain me as much as the Steam content servers unreachable message. I’ve only gotten this issue a few times when trying to download a game, but it frustrated me each time. Rather than give in and let Steam win, I tried to fix the content servers unreachable error so I could download and play the games I’ve been looking forward to. This is what I found out to be helpful when fixing the Steam content servers unreachable error.

    How to fix Steam ‘content servers unreachable’ error

    The last thing you want when trying to download or play a game on Steam is to get the content servers unreachable error message. This will shut down any ideas of having fun with the digital launcher. That said, there are no official and guaranteed ways to solve this, but a few methods may fix the error and restore Steam to its proper order, which I’ve listed below.

    • Restart Steam.
    • Restart your internet.
    • Restart your PC.

    These are the three steps you should try first. They are easy to do, and sometimes they can fix the issue right away. However, you may not always get lucky and may need to take more in-depth actions if you still encounter the content servers unreachable error. I recommend trying these methods if the above do not fix this Steam issue.

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    • Change your Download Region.
      • Go to Steam Settings.
      • Select Downloads.
      • Click the Download Region button.
      • Choose another region.
    • Run Steam as an Administrator.
      • Right-click on Steam.
      • Select Properties.
      • Click Compatibility.
      • Choose Run this program as an administrator.

    What causes the ‘content servers unreachable error’ on Steam?

    The most common cause is high player traffic, particularly when trying to download a game. This was seen when Baldur’s Gate 3 was officially released, and Steam download speeds rapidly plummeted. Since this is on Steam’s servers, your options are limited. Trying the solutions above may fix this issue, but you may need to be patient and wait it out.

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