How to fix ‘Client Requested Disconnect’ in Overwatch 2



    Overwatch 2 players are no strangers to strange errors appearing on their screen. One of the most annoying errors is the “Client Requested Disconnect” error. This may go away after a while, but there’s always a chance it could come back. Fortunately, there are a couple of easy steps to remove that error message from your screen.

    Fixes for ‘Client Requested Disconnect’ in Overwatch 2

    Overwatch 2 players can get the client requested disconnection error for a number of different reasons, some of which are due to the internet connection and some of which are due to the servers. Either way, here are things any player can do to get back online:

    • Close Overwatch 2 and reopen it.
    • Restart the PC or console.
    • Restore the Internet connection by unplugging the router, waiting 20-30 minutes, and turning the router back on.
    • Check Oversight Twitter to see if there is something causing the servers to malfunction.

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    If the steps above don’t work, there is likely a problem with the servers, which means players will have to wait for the issue to be resolved until they can reconnect.

    Blizzard also has a Known issues forum on your blog. This is another great place to check in case the servers are down right now. The Overwatch blog is frequently updated with up-to-date server news and even hero changes.

    Another great habit that Overwatch 2 players should get into is checking the bottom left corner of the home screen when loading the game. If the server is undergoing maintenance, a message will most likely be displayed in that corner.

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