How To Find Warmaster’s Shack


Elden Ring is filled with particular places and hidden-away retailers, ready simply off the crushed path for the stray Tarnished to find. Warmaster’s Shack is one such location, and Knight Bernahl is one such service provider.

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Found in Limgrave earlier than reaching Stormveil Castle and accessible very early within the game, Warmaster’s Shack gives the prospect for a Tarnished to amass some rare Ashes of War and even one of many Legendary Armaments, Devourer’s Scepter.


How To Reach Warmaster’s Shack

From Gatefront Ruins, head west up the hill, driving previous the Troll and troopers, and proceed up the hill. Follow the trail because it curls northward till you attain Stormhill Shack. Here, you may work together with Roderika, an necessary NPC who will stage up your Spirit Ashes after finishing her quest.

From Stormhill Shack, head east/northeast. You ought to uncover a tough path of kinds heading in that route. You know you’re on the proper path while you come throughout two Kaiden Sellswords patrolling the trail simply previous some ruins. Head straight east from this level, and you’ll spot a small construction among the many bushes forward. You have reached Warmaster’s Shack and the service provider, Knight Bernahl.

If you journey right here at evening, Knight Bernahl is not going to be current. Instead, upon coming into the shack, you’ll encounter a doubtlessly lethal discipline boss, the Bell Bearing Hunter. He solely spawns at evening, so when you’d reasonably keep away from this encounter, merely go to throughout sunlight hours.

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Knight Bernahl: Ash Of War Merchant

Rest on the web site of grace and communicate with Knight Bernahl, a warrior who calls this shack a house of kinds. Knight Bernahl will stay at Warmaster’s Shack for a superb chunk of the game, however he’ll relocate to Volcano Manor after you communicate with Lady Tanith and pledge your allegiance to Volcano Manor.

Knight Bernahl will act as a vendor, providing a number of battle arts that may be utilized to totally different weapons and shields to additional customise your fight fashion. These Ashes of War can’t be discovered anyplace else, and a few are extraordinarily helpful, so it’s a good suggestion to choose all of them up (Runes permitting).

Knight Bernahl’s Inventory

Ash of War Name

Skill Text

Cost (FP)

Cost (Runes)

Ash of War: Stamp (Upward Cut) This Ash of War grants an armament the Heavy affinity and the next ability: “Stamp (Upward Cut): Brace armament and step into a low stance that prevents recoil from most enemy attacks. Follow up with a strong attack for an upward strike.” Usable on swords, axes, and hammers (small and medium swords excepted). 5(8) 1,500
Ash of War: Kick This Ash of War grants an armament the Heavy affinity and the next ability: “Kick: Push an enemy back with a high kick. Effective against enemies who are guarding and can break a foe’s stance. Sometimes a simple tool is the most effective.” Usable on all melee armaments. 0 800
Ash of War: Endure This Ash of War grants an armament the Heavy affinity and the next ability: “Endure: Assume an anchored stance to brace for incoming attacks, briefly boosting poise. Damage taken while using this skill is reduced.” Usable on all melee armaments. 9 600
Ash of War: War Cry This Ash of War grants an armament the Heavy affinity and the next ability: “War Cry: Give a war cry to rally the spirit and increase attack power. While active, strong attacks change to charging attacks.” Usable on melee armaments (daggers, thrusting swords, and whips excepted). 16 800
Ash of War: Spinning Slash This Ash of War grants an armament the Keen affinity and the next ability: “Spinning Slash: Skill favored by dexterous warriors. Slash foes as your body spins. Additional input allows for a follow-up attack.” Usable on swords, axes, and polearms (colossal weapons excepted). 6(12) 1200
Ash of War: Impaling Thrust This Ash of War grants an armament the Keen affinity and the next ability: “Impaling Thrust: Skill that lets piercing armaments overcome enemy shields. Build power, then lunge forward for a strong thrust that pierces an enemy’s guard.” Usable on armaments able to thrusting (colossal weapons excepted). 9 1000
Ash of War: Quickstep This Ash of War grants an armament the Keen affinity and the next ability: “Quickstep: Skill prized by the crafty and fleet of foot. Perform a quickstep maneuver that allows for circling around lock-on targets.” Usable on all melee armaments. 3 600
Ash of War: Storm Blade This Ash of War grants an armament the Quality affinity and the next ability: “Storm Blade: Lost skill of Stormveil. Surround armament with shearing storm winds that can be fired forward. Can be fired in rapid succession.” Usable on swords (colossal weapons and twinblades excepted). 10 1800
Ash of War: Parry This Ash of War grants no affinity to an armament, however imparts the next ability: “Parry: Use this skill in time with a foe’s melee attack to deflect it and break that foe’s stance. This provides an opening to perform a critical hit.” Usable on daggers, curved swords, thrusting swords, fists, claws, and small and medium shields. 0 600
Ash of War: No Skill This Ash of War grants no affinity to an armament and replaces any ability current with the next: “No Skill: This armament has no skill. If the armament in the other hand, has a skill, that skill will be used instead.” Usable on shields and torches. N/A 600

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Should You Kill Knight Bernahl?

Knight Bernahl is a part of a small quest associated to Volcano Manor in a while within the game, however you may also slay Knight Bernahl in Warmaster’s Shack for his gear.

It is not really useful to kill Knight Bernahl early. If you slay Knight Bernahl earlier than finishing his Volcano Manor quest, you may be unable to amass the Raging Wolf armor set, one of many iconic armors in Elden Ring. You will nonetheless be capable of purchase his tools towards the tip of the game when you select to not slay him early.

If you don’t actually take care of the Raging Wolf armor set, slaying Knight Bernahl at Warmaster’s Shack does give you some nice loot.

Choosing to kill Knight Bernahl will reward you:

  • Bernahl’s Bell Bearing – permits you to purchase his stock after bringing it to the Twin Maiden Husks at Roundtable Hold.
  • Beast Champion Helm
  • Beast Champion Armor (Altered)
  • Beast Champion Gauntlets
  • Beast Champion Greaves
  • Devourer’s Scepter – one of many game’s Legendary Armaments.

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