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    The Aug. 3, 2023, Adopt Me! update brought back a fan-favorite staple to the experience, Green Groceries, and allowed the beloved NPC who works there, Justin, to return to his longtime roots (no pun intended). When Green Groceries was removed in 2021, it was replaced with the Farm Shop, and though players were disappointed with the change at first, it quickly became a crucial part of Adoption Island. Now, with the return of Green Groceries in 2023, and the disappearance of said Farm Shop from its usual plot, many players, including myself, were left confused about its status in the experience. Not to worry, though, the Farm Shop still exists, and it’s secret location is detailed in the guide below!

    Where is the Farm Shop in Adopt Me!?

    Once you’ve spawned into Adopt Me!, leave your house and head to Adoption Island by locating and following the large red arrow that says Exit. Approaching this arrow will take you to Adoption Island’s entrance.

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    Upon walking into the white void in front of you, you’ll automatically be teleported to Adoption Island. Spread around Adoption Island are multiple buildings, houses, and parks, all of which serve a unique purpose. One of these buildings, Green Groceries, can be found by crossing the red, Golden Gate Bridge-esque bridge and walking to the right of it.

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    Inside Green Groceries is Justin, who enjoys spending his time stocking up the many aisles and coolers with plenty of food and drinks for Adoption Island residents.

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    Also inside Green Groceries is a secret entrance to the Farm Shop—that’s right, it’s still here! To enter the Farm Shop area, approach the rightmost cooler and walk into it.

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    That’s all there is to it! You can now purchase all of your favorite farmer’s market goodies, including ham, pie, apples, chocolate milk, and more. And, you can still adopt a ladybug friend here as well!

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    That’s it for this quick guide on how to find the Farm Shop in Adopt Me!. If there’s any other locations you’re curious about, let me know in the comments below and I’ll whip up a quick guide to help!

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