How to Find and Start Test Chambers in Minecraft


    Minecraft 1.21 brings with it the long-awaited Test Chambers! I’ll teach you how to find and use test chambers in Minecraft so you can take their hidden treasures.

    How to find test chambers in Minecraft

    The Test Chambers are located at great depths, making them more difficult to detect than most structures in the Overworld. There are two main ways to discover them. The first way is to search underground, where they are likely to appear in areas similar to those in the Ancient Cities. The second involves trading for a Trial Explorer map.

    Searching underground

    Like other structures, you can find Trial Chambers by exploring the world. Typically, Trial Chambers will be generated between Y=-40 and Y=0.

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    The starting room is usually on a lower Y level than most other rooms in the Chamber. Once you see the Tuff blocks that make up the Test Chamber, you’ll know you’ve found it. I find it easier to dig directly into the Vault wall to access it. Be careful because you will never know what you are getting into.

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    Using a Test Explorer Map

    The easiest way to find Trial Chambers is by trading for a Trial Explorer map. These maps can only be exchanged by village cartographers of official level or higher. They cost 12 emeralds and 1 compass.

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    Once you’ve traded for the Trial Explorer map, place it in your inventory and select it to view. The location of the Trial Chamber is represented on the map by a single square symbol. These maps will not always show the Trial Court closest to you, so you may need to prepare for a long trip. I was lucky to get a map showing the Trial Chamber in my area.

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    Follow the map and dig once you have reached the Trial Chamber location. Once you’ve dug deep enough, usually around level Y -20, you’ll see the tufa brick walls of the Test Chamber.

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    How to start a test in Minecraft

    Test Chambers contain Test Generators, each of which acts as its own Test. To start a test, walk up to one of these test generators. They will emit small flames and lights to show that they have been activated, after which they will spawn monsters. The monsters they spawn depend on the type of Trial Spawner it is.

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    The trial will be considered complete after all monsters released by Trial Spawner are defeated. Upon completion, a reward will appear above the quiz generator. Half the time this reward will be a trial key. They can also be items like emeralds, golden carrots, or even Ender pearls.

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    Multiple trials can be activated at once, and some rooms have trials grouped together to form larger waves of enemies. In these cases, each Trial will still produce its own reward.

    If you get a test key, you’ll want to search a vault in the vault itself. These are blocks with one face. Interact with the vault while holding the Trial Key and it will give you incredibly rare and valuable rewards.

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