How to evolve Sukuna in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD)


    The name of the strongest unit ever in All Star Tower Defense may not mean much to you. But if I told you it’s actually 7 Star Sukuna’s Jujutsu Kaisen, I bet I will get all your attention. Here’s how to evolve 6 Star Sukuna into 7 Star Sukuna in ASTD.

    How to Get 7 Star Sukuna in ASTD – Evolution Guide

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    TO evolves Sukuna into a 7-star Sukuna (The strongest demon in the strongest ever), you need the right combination of units and items. You will have to pull several units to get Sukuna, but this unit is so strong that all that effort and effort will be rewarded. Once you have all the ingredients, unequip the strongest demon before starting the evolution process. Below you will find everything you need to evolve Sukuna in All Star Tower Defense.

    ASTD 7 Star Sukuna Evolution Recipe

    • x1 The strongest demon (Sukuna)
      • To obtain 6-star Sukuna you need: x1 The Strongest, x4 Cursed Finger, x2 Cursed Mask
    • x1 X Mysterious (Void) (Gojo)
      • To evolve Gojo you need: x3 Mysterious X, x3 Curse, x3 Curse II, x2 Curse III, x2 Curse IV
    • x4 cursed finger
    • x3 Cursed Mask

    How to Get 5 Stars The Strongest in ASTD

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    To obtain The Strongest Demon, you must first evolve The Strongest One. You can obtain The Strongest One through a special banner in Summons. You will need a lot of Stardust, as there is a 2% chance of getting 5 stars The strongest. You need 150 Stardust for four multiple summons (the fourth is free). Do not give up; This unit is essential to get 7 Star The Strongest In History (Sukuna), one of the best characters in All-Star Tower Defense.

    How to get the Mysterious X in All Star Tower Defense

    To get Mysterious X (Void), or Gojo as you know him, you must strip for 5 Stars Mysterious through hero summoning. If you don’t see it there, come back later. While you wait for it to appear in summons, look for other units and items necessary to evolve 7 Star Sukuna.

    How to get the Cursed Mask and Cursed Finger in All Star Tower Defense

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    Complete the Raid World 2 Malevolent Adventure to get Cursed Mask and Cursed Finger. You must be level 100 to enter World 2. You will need to replay this raid to obtain enough items needed for the evolution of 7 Star Sukuna. You also have the opportunity to Get 6-star Sukuna. via Malevolent Raidwhich is another reason to repeat it several times.

    How to get Curse IV in All Star Tower Defense

    To obtain the Curse unit, complete the Story Mode mission Cursed Power School or summon it from G Summon. Once you have enough, upgrade them to Curse IV. You need x2 Curse to get a Curse II, x2 Curse II to get a Curse III, and x2 Curse III to get a Curse IV.

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