How to evolve Four Seasons in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of Moonspell


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    In Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell, you can unlock Four Seasons in your weapon pool. After getting the unique item, you can evolve it into its powerful Godai Shuffle upgrade using a specific combination of items during a run.

    How to evolve Four Seasons to Godai Shuffle in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell?

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    Four Seasons evolve in Godai Mixture once it’s been set with a maximum Spinach Y chandelier items. However, you’ll need to get your Four Seasons to level 8 first before the upgrade will actually work. Once all three items have been fully leveled up, you will be able to find the Godai Shuffle evolution in a random chest.

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    How to get Four Seasons in Vampire Survivors?

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    The Four Seasons the weapon can be permanently unlocked in your weapon group after you survive 15 minutes in a race with Moonspell Menya. Because the new character has unpredictable defense, it is recommended that you take a Garlic or King Bible early on to protect yourself. AOE spells like Song of Mana or Cross can also keep enemies at a distance, so you can level up enough to hit the 15 minute mark. If you don’t already have access to Four Seasons, you can get it automatically by unlocking Menya Moonspell using the method below.

    How to get Menya in Vampire Survivors: Legacy of Moonspell?

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    before you can unlock Menyayou will need first get Miang Lunar Enchantment. The new character becomes playable after you find and open the coffin in the Mt. Moonspell stage. The coffin can be specifically located in a Dojo to the east at the start of the map. Here are the complete steps you will need to complete to unlock Menya Moonspell and her Four Seasons weapon:

    • Step 1: Locate and open the coffin on the Mount Moonspell map to unlock Miang Moonspell.
    • Step 2: Survive 15 minutes with Miang in a race to unlock her Silver Wind weapon.
    • Step 3: Evolves Silver Wind into Festive Winds by combining it with a maximum passive item from Pummarola. This will finally unlock Menya Moonspell at the character select screen.

    Godai Random Evolution is also required for unlock syuuto moon spell, and the new weapon Vampire Survivors Summon Night. So not only will you get a powerful upgrade by completing this quest, but you will gain access to the next member of the Moonspell family. If you have the X Beginning Arcana enabled at the start of a run, you can also buff your Four Seasons and Godai Shuffle.

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