How to defeat the Diamond Dealer boss in Fortnite (Map)


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    In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, you’ll encounter a few bosses while exploring the new POIs. The Diamond Dealer is one of these bosses, and you need to defeat this NPC to access one of the vaults across the map. Naturally, you need to know where to find this boss, and how to defeat them. Here’s how to find and defeat the Diamond Dealer boss in Fortnite.

    Where to find the Diamond Dealer boss in Fortnite (exact map location)

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    The Diamond Dealer boss is located at the underground section of the Sanguine Suites POI situated on the northeastern edge of the map. Check the yellow circle on the map image above to see the precise location of this POI. Remember, this is a new POI, so be ready for a fight as soon as you land since numerous players will contest this location.

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    How to beat the Diamond Dealer boss in Fortnite

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    The Diamond Dealer boss is not as strong as Kado Thorne and has only a couple of shield bars. There are a few Low Card NPC minions protecting this boss. Similarly, you’ll find Turrets at the entrance of the boss arena. Destroy the Turrets quickly, and defeat the Low Card minions to isolate the boss.

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    Once Diamond Dealer is alone, I recommend engaging him at close range by using Shotguns and SMGs. I used the Scoped Burst SMG and Infiltrator Pump Shotgun to make quick work of the boss. You can also use a Business Turret to distract the boss. Once defeated, the Diamond Dealer will drop a few items that you can collect.

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    Fortnite Diamond Dealer boss rewards

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    The Diamond Dealer boss drops Diamond’s Thermal DMR (mythic) and the Suites Vault Keycard. Sniper enthusiasts will love the Diamond’s Thermal DMR as it works perfectly for mid to long-range fights. Along with this the boss also drops consumables like Shield Potions, Med Mist, and other healing items. Collect the weapon and the keycard and head for the vault located on the floor below the boss fight arena.

    How to enter the Sanguine Suites Vault in Fortnite (exact map location)

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    The Sanguine Suites vault is located a floor below the boss fight arena where you encounter the Diamond Dealer. After collecting the vault keycard, head down the stairs and you’ll come across a laser field. Go through the laser field to reach the vault.

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    Keep in mind that the laser field activates at regular intervals, and you can time it properly to pass through without getting trapped. However, if you do get trapped, simply use your harvesting tool to break the jail cell doors.

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    Use the Suites Vault Keycard on the blue console shown in the image above. This will unlock the vault and you can get inside to collect all the loot.

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    There are two mythic weapons inside the Sanguine Suites Vault. For me, these were Kit’s Charged Shotgun and the Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug. These mythic weapons are rotated in every match, so you might find some other item here during your playthrough. In Season 4, there are eight mythic weapons that you can collect from the vaults at Sanguine Suites, Eclipsed Estates, and Relentless Retreat.

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