How to defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors


    Sketamari, also known as the big ball of bones, has given players a lot of pain in Vampire Survivors. She is a special opponent that appears in the Bone Zone. Sketamari does not appear as an event or in a wave, instead she moves in the south of the map similar to a patrol. In this guide, we will explain how to beat it.

    How to beat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors

    To beat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors, you will need to select a character with high movement speed. Leda is a perfect choice for this. Take a single weapon for him. Immediately when he appears in the Bone Zone, start going down and use the map to locate the question mark. You have to be quick because Sketamari grows over time by absorbing enemies into his ball.

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    After you start going down the map, grab a couple of blue gems to level up. Any items that give you movement speed, such as wings or attack speed, will work just fine. Upon reaching Sketamari, position yourself slightly below him. Follow him carefully as he moves left and right.

    This is the part where your high movement speed comes into play. The important part of the strategy is not to let Sketamari get close to you. Always make sure to keep your distance from him. At the beginning of the fight, it won’t do much damage, but the longer the fight goes on, the bigger it will be. The damage also increases progressively.

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