How to defeat archers for dung covered peasants.


    The guide will cover techniques such as using shields, close combat, dodging, smoke bombs, terrain, and throwing weapons to effectively defeat archers in Mordhao.

    A guide to defeating archers


    Mordhav is a multiplayer medieval war game where players engage in battles with various weapons including archery. Archers can be a tough opponent to defeat, as they can attack from a distance and deal significant damage. However, with the right strategy and technique, it is possible to take down archers in Mordhav.

    How to defeat archers

    Close the distance.

    The first step to defeating an archer is to close the gap between you and them. Archers are weak in close combat, and their bows and arrows are useless at close range. So, try to get as close to them as possible while avoiding their arrows.

    Use shields.

    Shields are an excellent defense against archers, as they can block incoming arrows. Use a shield to protect yourself as you close the archer’s distance. Once you’re close enough, drop the shield and switch to your main weapon to attack.

    Dodge and be

    If you don’t have a shield, use dodge and dodge techniques to avoid incoming arrows. Try to predict the archer’s shots and move in unpredictable patterns to avoid being hit.

    Use smoke bombs.

    Smoke bombs can obscure the archer’s vision, making it difficult for them to aim. Throw a smoke bomb at the archer to block their vision and close the distance.

    Use the terrain to your advantage.

    Use terrain to your advantage, such as hiding behind cover or using elevation to get close to an archer. This can make it difficult for them to get a clear shot at you.

    Use throwing weapons.

    Throwing weapons, such as an ax or javelin, are the best way to take out an archer from a distance. They can also be used to finish off a wounded archer.

    Be aggressive

    Archers are weak in close combat, so be aggressive when you get close to them. Use fast attacks and try to catch them carefully. Don’t give them a chance to escape and start shooting again.

    Use a long-range weapon.

    Use long-range weapons, such as spears or polearms, to keep archers out of control and deal damage from a distance. This can make it difficult for the archer to get a clear shot and give you an advantage in battle.

    Team up

    Team up with other players to take down the archers. While one player distracts the archer, the other can move in to kill. This can be particularly effective in objective-based game modes.

    Use speed.

    Speed ​​is key when trying to defeat archers. Use light armor and weapons, and take advantage of movement-based perks to close distances quickly. Once you’re close enough, use quick attacks to take down the archer before they can react.


    Thank you for reading this guide on how to effectively defeat archers in Mordhau. I hope you have covered techniques and strategies that will prove useful in your battles.


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