How to create a master key in DMZ



    The Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ Season 3 Content Update introduced several useful features to the game, including the Master Key. You may have come across various closed spaces on different maps, either for faction missions or during looting. These loot points could only be unlocked through their specific keys. But now, you can use Skeleton Key to unlock any locked space in DMZ.

    How to get master key in DMZ

    The Master Key rarely drops as a loot, however the guaranteed way to acquire it is crafting one at Buy Station. Visit any store on the map and below the Barter In the menu, you will find the option to get a master key by trading other items that make your recipe.

    Here are the Skeleton Key variants available at Buy Stations on all DMZ maps:

    • Al Mazra: Skeleton Key (new, that is, the three uses remain)
    • Building 21: Skelton Key – Used (two uses left)
      • barter recipe: 3 encrypted hard drives
      • There is only one store in Building 21 and it is located in the open area at the second floordirectly below the Core Lab.
    • Ashika Island: Skeleton Key – Used (only one use left)
      • barter recipe: 1 Videocassette Recorder, 1 Vintage Wine, 1 Encrypted Hard Drive

    If you look at the recipes for crafting the master key on all maps, Building 21 is the most favorable, as encrypted hard drives can be easily found within this facility. However, this map is unlocked only during the weekends. The next feasible method is to get the master key in Al Mazrah. But since the GPU is the rarest item, here is a good method you can use.

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    How to easily get the master key in Al Mazrah

    • First and foremost, make a safe backpack that allows you to carry items between deployments, that is, from one match to another. For this, you will need 1 Electric Drill, 1 Gas Can, and 1 Golden Skull. This step can be done at any buy station in Al Mazrah or on Ashika Island.
    • The next step is to purchase a GPUswhich can be easily done in Ashika Island if you have the Tsuki Castle Weapon Locker Key. Make your way inside the Tsuki Castle Hideout where the bomb maker resides. Unlock the castle by hacking the Wheelson and go to the locker on the first floor. You will definitely find one or more GPUs by opening the three locked lockers.
    • Remove the GPU from the map and it will stay with you thanks to its secure backpack. Now, unfold in Al MazraGo to your nearest Buy Station and trade in your GPU for a Skeleton Key.

    Stay tuned to the pro gaming guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, head over to our article on DMZ flight risk mission guide.



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