How to complete the WALL-E’s Bunnies on The Run quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley


    Lots of cool features were added to the game with the spring update, including some special missions from the cute little robot from the Valley, WALL-E. Not only does he love flowers in his hidden quest, but he has some repetitive quests that you can complete to collect some extra spring eggs for your Easter creations. This is how you can catch some bunnies for your “Bunnies on the Run” quest.

    How to Complete Bunnies on The Run at Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    “Bunnies on The Run” is a repeating quest that you can complete weekly in the Valley by talking to WALL-E. He’ll reward you with some extra Spring Eggs and make it much faster to create the special Spring Decoration and recipes that call for them. Here are the rewards you get from the quest:

    • Friendship x1,000
    • fruit with egg x20
    • wild spring egg x20
    • Table Spring V-EGG x5

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    To complete this mission, head to the Plaza and locate five bunnies running around. You will have to catch them by running towards them until the Check The option becomes available and you press the interaction button: x on playstation, TO on Xbox and Switch, or my on PC They can be a little hard to catch, but you can make it easier by making sure you’re well-fed and using the Glide feature to move faster. Once you have all the bunnies, return them to WALL-E and he will reward you with your treats.

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