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    One of the early quests in Immortals of Aveum that confuses many players due to its varied gameplay mechanics is the Immortals. The quest is a trial you must complete to prove your worth as an Immortal to Zendara. To pass through the test, you must pass through all five portals by fighting various beasts, solving puzzles, and parkouring to the end. 

    How to finish each portal in The Immortals quest

    There are a total of five portals in the trial. You can pass through each of them if you understand the gameplay mechanics behind each one. Remember, the pathways inside each section are completely random and will vary for each player. These are tips and tricks to make out of all the levels.

    Portal 1

    The first portal is pretty simple to complete. Keep jumping on the top of black boxes and follow the white waypoint on the screen. The only thing to note here is that avoid the black boxes with a red burning effect as they will cause damage to your health. Think strategically and jump on the correct container to keep moving. Also, take the high ground when you need to look forward. If you see a white guardian, fight them with your hand gear and rush till you find the portal at the end of the section.

    Portal 2

    The second portal is also a bit like the first but with new mechanics. There are two mechanics you should be aware of here. Firstly, you can use the blue/white zipline object on top to surf to the other parts. The other one is the rotating green cube that needs to be stopped temporarily using your Q snippet ability to move across. The rest is pretty simple, keep following the white marker and parkour across the area. Many times, you must jump down a platform to progress forward. If you find a white guardian with shields, use your blue magic power to break cover and fight them. 

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    Portal 3

    The third portal in the game is less about solving quests and more about fighting the flying white guardian enemies. The best way to attack them is to throw your arrow-type ability at them, which causes them to lose a lot of health instantly. During the section, you will also unlock the Hover augment. Use the new skill to parkour most sections. Otherwise, the level is pretty standard, as you must parkour, surf, stop green cubes from rotating, and reach the final white waypoint marker. 

    Portal 4

    Everything in Portal 4 moves quickly, so parkour across the area to match the rhythm of the platforms. It can be frustrating initially, but you will fastly move as you progress. In the middle section, you must interact with a statue using your green powers to select a path. It is random, and the correct route will vary from user to user. Keep pushing till you find the portal for the exit.

    Portal 5

    At the beginning of Portal 5, you will find an object at the center. Interacting with strange globe-like items will make you hallucinate. Keep moving through these random visions till you obtain the Immolate ability. Equip the skill to destroy the hordes of the enemy and go through the final portal to finish the quest.

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