How to Complete The Heart of a Lioness in Dreamlight Valley – Nala Level 7 Friendship Quest Guide



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    Simba and Nala have arrived with the Pride of the Valley update in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you must unlock these characters and complete their friendship quests. The Heart of a Lioness is Nala’s level seven friendship quest, and it requires her to catch different types of fish for some of the characters in the game. Here’s how to complete The Heart of a Lioness quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    How to Start The Heart of a Lioness Quest in Dreamlight Valley

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    Nala is one of the new characters added to the game, and you have to reach friendship level seven with her to unlock the quest The Heart of a Lioness. Nala informs you about the strange crack that has appeared in the water and about the lioness statues. To start the quest, you will need to find fish to moana, Remyand Donald.

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    Where to find fish for Remy, Moana and Donald in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Nala instructs you to find three specific types of fish for Remy, Donald, and Moana. Here are the fish needed to complete this quest and where you can find them.

    • Gather Crab for Remy – Can be fished by fishing in Blue waves in icy heights.
    • Gather Swordfish for Moana – Can be caught by fishing in Gold waves in stunning beach.
    • Gather Tuna for Donald – You can fish by fishing in White waves in clear trust and forgotten lands.
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    Once you have the fish, give it to the characters and interact with Nala to advance to the next stage of the Quest. Nala asks you to investigate the paw tablet on the wall inside Pride Rock. Visit the location and check the drawings in the cave as shown in the image above. After investigating, you will find out more about Nala’s past in the village. She asks you to craft an Enchanted Heart, and you need to find some ingredients to make this item.

    How to Create the Haunted Heart at Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    To craft the enchanted heart, you will need to gather the following items.

    • Catch rare fish around the cracks (0/3)
      • Visit stunning beach, icy heightsand clear trustand use the fishing rod in the Golden Ripple near the crack to catch the strange fish
    • Gather fragments of dreams (0/9)
    • talk to minnie borrow something

    After finding the Weird Fish and the Dream Shards, visit Minnie and interact with her. She will give you a ribbon, and this item will be needed to craft the Enchanted Heart.

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    With all the items in your inventory, visit any of the crafting stations. Select the Potions and Enchantments tab and click on the enchanted heart to create it. Once the item is ready, take it to Nala. Give her the Enchanted Heart to complete the Heart of a Lioness quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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