How to Complete Stitch’s Level Two Friendship Quest in Dreamlight Valley


    When Stitch arrives in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, trouble quickly arises. If he’s looking for help progressing Stitch’s friendship quest line, or just curious about what’s in store for him, he’s come to the right place. Here’s how to complete Stitch’s first friendship mission, Goodness Level Check, in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    How to Complete the Goodness Level Verification at Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To start this quest, you will need to have unlocked Stitch and leveled up Stitch’s friendship level two. You should also have made some progress in the Donald Duck friendship quest line. The game will tell you that there is a hidden requirement to start the quest. Interact with any of the three vandalized signs in the image of Donald Duck in the corridors between the peaceful meadow and Dazzle Beach or Glade of Trust to start the quest. We recommend collecting all three, because you will need them in the quest.

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    Once you are told to start, go and talk to Donald Duck. Stitch hasn’t been up to any good, so Donald put up those signs to keep Stitch out of Peaceful Meadow… and Stitch quickly drew them. He sees and talks to Stitch about his antics. He didn’t mean to annoy Donald, just have a little fun. Stitch feels bad about this, so you offer to help him fix the signs. You will need to gather the following materials:

    • 15 hardwood
    • 15 softwood
    • The three vandalized posters

    Give a portion of these materials to Stitch, then create two new Donald posters at any craft station in the Furniture tab to show Stitch how it’s done. Take them to Stitch, who presents a sign of his own, then go and place the signs anywhere around Peaceful Meadow using your furniture menu. The last thing she needs to do is talk to Stitch and ask him to apologize to Donald. Follow him and watch him fix things to complete this mission.

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