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    A question that worries many players new to Roblox Gym League is how to finish a particular Body Alter to advance to the next level. So if you need clarification on what a body Alter is or how to complete it to move on to the next stage, here’s a detailed guide that explains it all.

    How to finish a body modification in Gym League

    First of all, let’s start with what a Body Alter is in the Gym League. A Body Alter is nothing more than a body skin in the game, and you must meet the specific stat criteria associated with that Alter to complete it. For example, if you take Steel Alter, you must reach the following stat goals to complete it.

    • Endurance: 900K
    • Triceps: 6 billion
    • Back: 6 billion
    • ABS: 3.5 billion
    • Forearm: 3.5 billion
    • calves: 3.5 billion
    • Back: 5 billion
    • Biceps: 4000000000
    • Legs: 4000000000

    You have to achieve these goals using the right equipment/exercises to improve that particular stat. For example, if you want to increase your chest stats, you should perform exercises like bench press either Lizards to increase that specific stat. Once you have met all the requirements for a Body Alter, you can complete that Body Alter and purchase the next one with money.

    How to check your Body Alter’s stats

    You can check your Body Alter’s statistics by clicking on the Statistics option on the left side of the menu. Here you can find out how much you have progressed and what body parts you should reach to get the next Alter in the game.

    How to buy new Body Alters at Gym League

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    As mentioned above, you can always buy new Body Alters in Gym League after completing the existing one. To get a new one, go to Store area of ​​your gym and click on the Body Alters option. Pay the necessary money to unlock a Body Alter and obtain it in-game.

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