How to Claim Honkai Star Rail Daily Check-in Rewards



    Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based strategy RPG with gacha mechanics, which allows you to warp characters and light cones. The game is notoriously resource-dependent, with a plethora of upgrade options, currencies, and the like to be found on your Trailblazing journey through the galaxy. With so much to collect and so little time, it always helps to get a daily dose of resources.

    As with most games, Honkai: Star Rail has a daily check-in system, except you’ll have to make a stop outside of the game to claim the rewards.

    Where to find Honkai Star Rail daily check-in

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    Can access Honkai: Star Rail Daily Check-In via HoYoLAB, a community platform that supports all HoYoverse games. Sign in with your hoyoverse account (also your Star Rail, Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3, and Tears of Themis account), and make sure you select the correct server so that the rewards are sent to the correct user.

    Check in every day for rewards, including coveted Stellar Jades, which can be used for Character Warp and Light Cones. The daily log graph is updated at the beginning of each month. It only takes a second to claim free resources, so don’t forget to do so.

    Also, you will get an extra Stellar Jade x100 in total for the first three times you sign up. The rewards will be sent to your in-game mailbox in a few minutes. Mail expires in a week, so don’t forget to claim it ASAP!

    For more on how to max out your Stellar Jades, check out Honkai Star Rail Pity Explained and How to Get 5 Star Guaranteed here on MyFullGames.



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