How to Change Tera Types


scarlet and violet pokemon players can change the Tera types of their Pokemon, but it will require a bit of work. Every pokemon in scarlet and violet pokemon it has a Tera type, which determines which unique type the Pokémon transforms into when terastalized. Tera’s types are determined by the individual Pokémon, with most Pokémon having a Tera type that matches one of their normal types (meaning most Pikachu in the game will have an Electric Tera type) and some Pokémon have a Tera type that is extremely different from their normal Tera Type (i.e. a Pikachu with the Tera Type Flying). Considering that Pokemon have increased attack power into their Tera-Type while Terrastalized, it adds a new layer of strategy to battles by choosing when to Terastalize and which Pokemon to Terastalize.

Players can choose to change a Pokemon’s Tera type, though it’s not something they can easily do. In order to change a Pokemon’s Tera type, they will first need to collect Tera Shards. Tera Shards are rare items that can be found randomly around the world or as rewards for completing Tera Raids. Each Tera type has its own shard type (i.e. Fighting Tera Shards, Dark Tera Shards) and a player will need to collect 50 Tera Shards of the specific type they want their Pokemon to terastalize into in order to change that Tera type. Pokemon. It is recommended that players simply progress through Tera Raids of the type of Tera Shards they want to collect in order to collect Tera Shards in a somewhat convenient way.

Once you’ve collected 50 Tera shards, you can head to the Treasure Eatery restaurant and talk to an NPC who can change a Pokemon’s Tera type.

scarlet and violet pokemon is now available for Nintendo Switch.


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