How to Catch Fish on Blacktail


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    If you have been exploring the forests as Yaga in Blacktail, you will have found fishing spots in various parts of the map. However, when interacting with the place, Yaga only says “Fish”, and that one day he should get a fishing rod. Having Yaga repeat the same word over and over again can be a cool little Easter egg. But, the question remains: how to get the fishing rod? In this guide we tell you how you can get the fishing rod and use it to fish in Blacktail.

    Where to find the fishing rod in Blacktail?

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    The Fishing Rod in Blacktail is not a craftable item that players need to gather resources for. Instead, you are given the Fishing Rod after completing a certain story mission. In Blacktail’s first mission, you’re introduced to Borvy and Jack, the talking mushrooms who swear on a dragon that must be slain, and they entrust the job to Yaga. In exchange, they will fix the bridge for Yaga to cross. After successfully defeating Peewee the Dragon in your first boss fight, you will need to head over to Borvy and Jack to inform them of the success of the quest.

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    This is where the game transitions to a quest-within-a-quest section, where a rock with a crude face drawn on it blocks the way forward. The Voice in your head then instructs you to find a chest containing the thread for a fishing rod. Once you complete this quest, you will get the Fishing Rod.

    How to Catch a Blacktail Fish

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    Catching a fish is very easy on Blacktail. Once you have obtained the fishing rod, you can stand in front of the fishing spots and choose to fish or not to fish. If he chooses to fish, Yaga will drop the hook into the water. To successfully catch a fish, you need to wait until the line starts to move up and down. When you do, simply pull the fishing line (left click on PC, X on controllers) to catch a fish. Once you catch a fish at a fishing spot, you cannot catch any more fish until you feed it to the Black Cat in front of your cabin.

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