How to cast Mirage Window Smoke in CS2


    Smoking the Mirage sniper nest window has always been a crucial strategy for almost all forms of gaming for us gamers and competitive esports, so it is very important to know if smoking still works in CS2; He does it, and I will do it. teach how below.

    How to Practice Smoke in CS2 – Console Commands

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    First of all, you will need to enable the Developer Console. For this, go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon, choose Gaming, and then select Yes to enable the console. You can access the console by pressing the button accent mark (`) key on your keyboard. Once this is done, you need:

    • Click Play
    • Click Practice
    • Choose casual
    • Activate:
      • grenade chamber
      • Infinite ammo
      • Infinite heating
    • Once inside the game, type in the console:
      • sv_cheats true
      • link and not clip

    This will allow you to practice grenades with CS2’s new grenade camera, which allows you to see where the grenade you’re cooking will land once you throw it. You can also press the button north key to fly behind the grenade to see where it lands.

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    How to smoke Mirage Sniper’s Nest from T spawn in CS2

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    To start, you’ll need to walk to the trash can location just to your right while spawning on the T side, then:

    • Stand right next to the trash can.
    • Aim at the margins of fences and door frames
    • Smoke rises

    This may take several tries, as the smoke bounces off the very narrow edge of the walkway, landing in the sniper’s nest and smoking the entire place.

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